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Every Canadian business needs to move money and our mission is to make it as painless as possible. No limits, no percentage fees and no bullsh*t.

Why is it so hard to make business payments in 2021?

MazumaGo began as a marketplace for local services, but speaking with hundreds of business owners made Matthew Smith and his Co-Founders realize there was a bigger problem. Regardless of size, most businesses were still using cheques to send and receive payments.

Their team kept asking, “Why is it so hard to send large payments online?” and decided to focus exclusively on digitizing business payments. They partnered with BMO to move money along their rails and now they’re making business payments easier for all Canadians.

Innovation with intention

We only hear a challenge when people say, “It’s always been done this way”. We don’t get stuck on what’s there, we build for how things should be.

It should be
It should be
It should be

Trusted and regulated across Canada

We partner with BMO to securely process payments between any Canadian bank or credit union.

Executive team

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