Bring your construction payments into the 21st century

cash flow

Boost your transactions with instant settlement.

Faster growth

Stay on top of your spend as you take on more projects.

Enhanced productivity

Automate the full cycle from billing to invoicing.

Pay with instant settlement

Pay on your terms

The moment you send a payment, vendors can access funds via card or ACH.

Get paid faster

Whether your customers pay via ACH or credit card, funds are available instantly.

Instant cash flow insights

All incoming and outgoing payments show up immediately on your dashboard.

Simplify billing data entry

Import bills from your inbox

Categorize and assign bills to projects before syncing with your accounting software.

Get approval from PM’s

Forget signing on paper, request approval from project managers with a few clicks.

Pay bills effortlessly

Once approved, payments are automatically sent to vendors and marked as paid.

Take control of your card spend

Reconcile in real-time

Send automated text notifications to staff to upload images of receipts from their phone.

Manage your spend

Issue cards to staff and assign individual spend limits and authorized vendors.

Unlimited vendor cards

Create unique cards for each vendor with custom limits to prevent overcharges.
Seamlessly integrates with your accounting system.

All the features
of your regular bank


Deposit accounts

Transfer funds between any U.S. bank.


FDIC insurance

Automatic coverage for $250,000.


Payroll system

Link MazumaGo with your payroll software.


24/7 support

Get help form our team of in-house experts.

Powering construction businesses

About MazumaGo

We are on a mission to give construction businesses the financial tools they need to grow faster.

"Switching to MazumaGo is fast and simple – a tiny investment compared to the time save long-term."

David Phillips,
NZ Builders

“When you’re busy and juggling 1000 responsibilities, that extra hour is very difficult to find.”

Ian Grey,
Lower Coast Building Group

"MazumaGo is simple and modern. You don’t have to leave your house. You don’t have to send a check. You don’t have to make a bank draft."

Scott Hutchinson,
Hutchinson Contracting

“Our clients still have the option to pay via check or bank transfer but nobody really uses it. MazumaGo is our clients’ preference for large payments.”

Casey Grey,
The Conscious Builder

"It’s difficult to quantify the value of not having to chase clients for checks. The value is infinite."

Erik Jensen,
Sprucehill Contracting

Trusted and regulated across the U.S.

We partner with Blue Ridge Bank to securely process payments between any U.S. bank or credit union.

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