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Automate bill payments,
in one place.

Build better supplier relationships and reduce time spent on paying bills.

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Pay bills quickly, and effortlessly.

MazumaGo automates and simplifies your bill payment process from start to finish.

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Automatically import bills

All your bills are automatically forwarded from your inbox to your MazumaGo dashboard.

Automatic email import
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Categorize and review bills

Stop wasting time coding your bills manually. MazumaGo categorizes all line items for you before pushing bills to your accounting software.

Smart bill categorization
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Approve transactions

Add unlimited users to your account and assign permissions to create and approve payments.

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Reconcile instantly

Once approved, payments are sent to your vendors instantly and automatically marked as paid in your accounting software.

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FDIC Insured and Regulated

We partner with Blue Ridge Bank to securely process payments between any U.S. bank or credit union.

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