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Give customers a better way to pay and collect receivables in a fraction of the time.

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Stop wasting time chasing after checks

Collect payments online and get instant access to the funds collected.

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Send request.

Create unique payment links to drop into invoices or emails for seamless payments collecting.

Request via email
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Accept request

Customers accept and pay directly from their credit card or bank account. No sign up needed.

ACH bank transfers / Credit card
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Collect money

The second your customer pays, funds are available in your MazumaGo Wallet.

Instant payments
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Access and use funds

Funds are available instantly for you to pay vendors, use in-store, or withdraw.

Instant access to funds
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FDIC Insured and Regulated

We partner with Blue Ridge Bank to securely process payments between any U.S. bank or credit union.

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