property managers & Landlords

Keep rent payments coming in.

Automated subscription billing solutions with no limits.

Modern payment solutions for property managers and landlords

You don’t have the time to worry about collecting payments from each of your clients individually. You need a simple solution to collect rent from tenants and subscription payments automatically – we've got you covered.

No transfer limits, no percentage charges, no bullsh*t.

Industry acknowledged across canada

Automatic recurring billing.

You only need to set up a payment plan once, MazumaGo takes care of the rest. No need to worry about reminder calls or late payments. Your clients receive automatic payment notifications, and you can keep track of receivables on the dashboard in real-time.
Automatic notifications
Real-time tracking
It feels like my payments are on autopilot.

Know your expenses ahead of time.

No more hidden fees or bad surprises with percentage charges. The MazumaGo cost structure is simple and straightforward: A flat fee per transaction.
Flat fees
No hidden charges
I know exactly what’s going out. There’s no guesswork.

Pay homeowners with no transfer limits.

Stop worrying about e-Transfer limits or cheque holds. With MazumaGo, you can send no limit payments for a flat fee. Initiate transfers within minutes and rest assured, funds are deposited into the recipient's bank account within 2 business days.
No transaction limits
1 min payment initiation
If you boil it down, MazumaGo is an opportunity to do a huge e-transfer, but without the limits.

Trusted and regulated across Canada.

We partner with BMO to securely process payments between any Canadian bank or credit union.

$0 / per month

Self Serve

For occasional and infrequent business transactions.

$5 per transaction
No transfer limits
Unlimited transactions
24/7 customer support
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Custom PLANS


For high numbers of transactions and custom integrations.

Everything in Full Serve plus:
API access to MazumaGo
Payment orders
Custom integrations
Skip the line support
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Make business payments move.

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