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Keep business moving.

You don’t have time to fuss with a complicated interface or stress over a lost payment. Move money fast and reliably with MazumaGo.


Eliminate user error.

A transfer can’t get lost from wrong routing numbers if you authorize it over email. Join us in the 21st century.
Invite via email
Real-time tracking

Spend less time on admin.

Looks like there’s a lot on your plate. Take standing in line at the post office and bank off of it. Forever.
Online interface
Move money in 2 min
No lines

Improve cash flow.

It’s a lot easier to get paid faster when you don’t  make customers jump through hoops to do it. Shocker.
2-3 business days processing time
Recurring payment plans
We're Beyond THis

Cheaper than cheques.

The hidden cost of a cheque can be up to $50. Reduce your admin costs with MazumaGo.

Simpler than wire transfers.

Never put in a wrong routing number again. Make payments faster and more affordably with MazumaGo.

Trusted and regulated across Canada.

We partner with BMO to securely process payments between any Canadian bank or credit union.
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Make business payments move.

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