Payments should be ridiculously easy.

You wouldn’t ride a horse to work, so why move money by cheque or wire transfer? Pay vendors and suppliers online in under 5 minutes with MazumaGo.

Onboard via email
No transaction limits
Secure payments / Canada-wide
Full transparency

No tedious paperwork.

Balance the books faster with detailed transactions for each payment sent through the online platform.
View detailed transactions
Customize statement descriptions
No batched payments

For business owners

Save up to 95% on admin costs relating to cheques and wire transfers.

For general contractors

Save hours of admin work every month and pay suppliers in a fraction of the time.

Security is always top of mind.

Supported by all Canadian institutions
MazumaGo partners with BMO to work with all Canadian banks. Set up multiple accounts and move money between institutions.

Bank-grade security
We use 256-bit SSL encrypted payments ensuring bank-grade security for all your transactions.

Direct bank authorization
Transactions are authorized directly with a single bank sign in—all you need are your online banking details.

Move money between institutions.

Set up multiple bank accounts and manage cash between institutions with MazumaGo. Get real-time balances from all your accounts and seamlessly move money between banks.


Make business payments move.

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