Customer Stories

“We want to give investors an easier way to pay.”

1 hour faster than sending a cheque
5-6 days faster to receive funds
Providing a quick, simple solution for our investors to fulfill their capital calls has been a continuous priority for me. Since implementing MazumaGo, they've saved both time and money which is a net positive for everyone involved.
Candace Hobin
Community Manager, Rhino Ventures
Miri Rader

Behind the scenes of investments and capital calls.

Rhino Ventures is a Venture Capital firm based out of Vancouver, B.C., that invests in early stage tech companies. As the Community Manager, Candace is in charge of fund operations behind the scenes of investments and capital calls.

High value transactions are not uncommon at Rhino Ventures. Candace knows very well that options to process these types of transactions in a simple and secure way are limited. Before MazumaGo, she relied on archaic bank processes where investors could only fulfill their capital calls via wire transfer or cheque –­­ a process that caused headaches for everyone involved.

A simple solution that just works

“It's great to use, super simple, and the way banking should be.”

Candace finds it frustrating that she can’t make a quick online transfer through the bank, so she definitely welcomes MazumaGo with open arms. She found that using MazumaGo allows them to collect capital calls 5 to 6 days sooner compared to alternative methods.

Real-time tracking
48h deposits

Stop worrying about transfer limits

“Our transactions tend to fall over traditional limits.”

Before MazumaGo, Candace really had no convenient alternative to offer investors for capital calls due to the large size of transactions. With MazumaGo, Candace doesn’t have to worry about transfer limits anymore. She likes the simplicity of payments and trusts the bank-grade security. Overall, it saves her a lot of time and headaches.

No transaction limits
Bank-grade security

Save time collecting payment information

“All I have to do is send it to their email address.”

For Candace, it can be challenging to keep investor payment details up to date. Payment distributions can happen years after the investment and investors’ payment information might be outdated by then. MazumaGo allows her to simply send payment requests to investors’ email addresses and they can choose what account they want the money to be deposited into – “It makes my life so much easier.”

Transfer via email
Direct bank sign-in

Make business payments move.