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Product update: Improved supplier onboarding and CSV download

Matthew Smith

Happy new year from all of us at MazumaGo! 

As always, we are busy building new features and constantly working on improving our product for you behind the scenes.

We are happy to release the following updates today to help you make the start of 2021 more productive:

One security question for all new supplier contacts

Instead of having to copy and send a unique number code to each new supplier, you now have a universal security question for all your contacts, making onboarding faster and simpler.

The next time you login to your account, you will be asked to enable a security question. Enabling the security question will prompt your new suppliers to provide an answer prior to accepting their first payment from you. 

Directly send money to new suppliers

From now on, you don’t need to pre-onboard suppliers and wait until they authorize their bank account before you can send them money. You can simply add a new supplier contact as you send them money

They will be prompted to complete the authorization at the same time as they receive their first payment from you. Once the transaction is complete, the supplier will be automatically added to your contact list.

Download transaction data

You can now download all your transaction data from your dashboard as a CSV file. As you do so, you have the option to filter the export by transaction status. 

Updated navigation menu

You might notice slight changes on the left-hand navigation menu on your dashboard. To make it easier to navigate your payments dashboard, we summarized your profile, bank accounts and other settings in one central location. 

Check it out! We're looking forward to hearing from you with feedback, questions or requests for additional features.

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