Product Updates

Product update: Bulk Payables, Improved Search & Filters, Invoice Templates

Matthew Smith

We are excited to share the next product update with you! Here's what's new:

Send Payments in Bulk

Paying bills just got a lot easier and faster: You can now create and send multiple payments at once. Each payment is withdrawn from your bank account separately with custom statements making reconciliation in your accounting software easy and simple. Learn more here.

Improved Search Bar

Struggling to find a transaction on your dashboard? We improved the search function so you can find payments faster and easier. Here's how:

  • Search by any field: Company name, email, description or statement
  • Search payment amount by range, e.g. "<1000" shows payments under $1,000
  • Search multiple fields at once: E.g. "Lumberworld <16000" shows payments to/from Lumberworld that are under $16,000

Improved Transaction Filters

We also made it smoother to filter and navigate your payments dashboard:

  • Easily filter payments by transaction type: View receivables, payables, and internal transfer in separate lists
  • Filtering by Status and Tags is easier to use, showing below the search bar
  • Exporting will now export payments based on the filters you set

Invoice Template

We are happy to announce the MazumaGo invoice template! A free and fully customizable template that supports your business in requesting payment from clients in three simple steps:

  1. Customize the template
  2. Add payment links
  3. Collect payments

Get your free invoice template here. To customize your invoice, simply make a copy of the document and edit it to your liking.

As always, feel free to reach out to with feedback or feature requests to help us build the best experience for you.

Matthew Smith

CEO, MazumaGo

Make business payments move.