Product Updates

June product update: Easier payment check-out, improved payment times and credit card roll-out

Matthew Smith

We have some exciting updates to share with you that will make your payment experience even simpler and stronger – for both you and your clients.

1. Improved payment check-out for recipients

We know how important it is for you to provide an easy, user-friendly payment experience to your clients. The check-out for your payment recipients – customers and suppliers – just got a lot smoother. Your clients can now choose to securely save and retrieve bank accounts for future transactions, without creating a MazumaGo account. All they need to do is enter an email address or phone number for a secure authorization process.

2. Accelerated payment time for payables

You might have noticed already that your payments are now processed faster. If a payment is initiated before 3:45pm on a business day, the money will arrive in the recipient's account 2 business days later!

3. Credit card payments roll-out

We can finally share this highly requested feature we've been working on for the past few months: Give your customers the option to pay invoices via credit card – at no extra charge for you. If your customer decides to pay via credit card, they will be charged with the applicable 3.5% service charge.

As always, we are looking forward to hearing from you with feedback, questions or new feature requests! Let's keep money moving.

Matthew Smith
CEO, MazumaGo

Make business payments move.