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“I couldn’t believe there was no simple solution to pay vendors online.”

30 min savings compared to wire
1 day setup
I was looking for a simple solution to pay invoices online. MazumaGo makes it super easy for me to send money to vendors and keep track of payments.
Max Tims
Head of Operations, Fable Home
Miri Rader

Beautiful home decor meets ethical production.

Fable is a Direct-To-Consumer tableware brand that elevates the home decor experience for millennials by pairing ethical production and beautiful craftsmanship with affordable prices. As Head Of Operations, Max is responsible for the process from product development to fulfillment and customer support, as well as paying third party vendors.

As one of the Co-Founders at Fable, Max was responsible for creating cost and time effective payments processes for the company. When he was looking for an easy way to pay vendors online, he couldn’t believe there was no simple solution out there. Commercial banking systems are outdated and tedious to set up, wire transfers are expensive and time consuming. With MazumaGo, he found what he was looking for: An easy way to pay vendors online without transfer limits.

Get started right away

“MazumaGo helps shortcut the process to pay people easily.”

Before Max found MazumaGo, he tried setting up EFT payments for the company.  Requesting a security token, building templates for each supplier, collecting routing information – a tedious process that takes hours to complete. Once the system was all set up, Max was disappointed by an outdated user interface, and the lack of automation on the commercial banking software. 

Max appreciates that MazumaGo shortcuts the setup process and makes it really simple to get started right away, which is especially helpful for young companies like Fable.

Automated onboarding
Simple user interface

Use your time more cost-efficiently

“I can make a payment in 30 seconds.”

In the early days of Fable, Max had non option but to fall back on wire transfers to pay invoices. Not only did he waste time driving to the bank and waiting in line, it also resulted in excessive transfer fees. Max loves how quickly he can initiate payments through MazumaGo ­– without leaving his office. Considering how much time he saves thanks to MazumaGo, he sees the small transaction fee as money well spent.

Email transfers
Flat fees

Stay up to date

“I want to know what's going on with our money.”

To Max, it is important to see when funds are pulled from his account with a real-time overview of his cash flow. The MazumaGo dashboard helps him keep track of who’s been paid and when the money arrives at the beneficiary’s account. On the flip side, his vendors automatically receive a tracking link that tells them when they will receive their payment, so Max doesn’t need to worry about keeping them informed. 

Real-time tracking
Automated notifications

Make business payments move.