Product Updates

Accounting Integrations, Email Tracking & Variable PAD

Matthew Smith

Finally: The long-awaited accounting integrations are now live! We're excited to share the details about this new feature and what else is new at MazumaGo.

1. Quickbooks and Xero Integration

You can now connect your Quickbooks or Xero account, import your bills and pay them easier and faster on MazumaGo.
For instructions on how to use the accounting integrations, view this article.

2. Payment Email Tracking

When you send or request a payment via email, you can now track if and when your contact has received and opened the payment notification email. The payment status will also indicate if the payment email was marked as spam, bounced, or blocked by your contact.
​You can find more details about email statuses here.

2. Variable PAD Agreement

We used to email you a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreement every time you made an outgoing payment from your MazumaGo account. Instead, we will now send you a single PAD for a variable amount when you setup a bank account on MazumaGo. The variable PAD allows MazumaGo to withdraw the specified payment amount from your bank account for each transaction.

The next time you send money to someone, you will be asked to accept the variable PAD for future transactions. To learn more about PADs, view this article.

We are looking forward to hearing from you with feedback, questions or new feature requests! Let's keep money moving.

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